Translation & Interpreting

Don’t let important details get lost in translation!

Are you looking for professional technical and commercial translation and/or interpreting services within your business? You can be sure that if you trust BDC Moore Ltd to translate your documents, you are getting high-quality work from people who know the business, culture, language, industry and how to render a translation reflecting the message and intention of the original into the target language. Translations include websites, brochures, packaging, technical or training manuals and commercial contracts as well as correspondence. We are proud to offer professional translation and interpreting service from and into German, French, English and Spanish that is flexible and at a fair price. We also offer proofreading in German, English and French. FACTS: Companies using actively foreign language skills increase their Export sales on average by 45% bearing in mind that only 5% of the world’s population speak English as their mother tongue. Are you looking for a professional and serious translation? We can help. Contact us now and we promise a fast response with a transparent price and delivery time. Contact Us Now