Have you ever considered using a Business Coach?

In sports using a Coach goes without saying. Why not in business? Take any team or sport, you find the Manager of the club, equivalent to a MD, who is supported by the club’s Coach.

Did you know that using a Business Coach increases your profit margin by an average of 46%? Yet 42% of businesses don’t use one.

If you are amongst the percentage, which isn’t using a business coach, you might find the following sounds very familiar to you.

Yes, as a MD you have your directors and managers in different departments making sure everything is running smoothly. And when it comes to the strategic side of the business, your position becomes an isolated place and the final decisions still lie with you, the MD.

How do you set your compass? Where do you get your ideas from? How do you keep yourself motivated?

In private life we have our partners/wives/husbands. And who do you have in your business?

You are accountable for profit; happiness of your team; product quality and customer satisfaction, but who is holding you accountable for the decisions, plans and promises you made to yourself and your business? Who keeps you on track and helps you not to go off on a tangent?

It is exactly what a business coach works on with you plus you get a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as fresh ideas when using external Consultants performing the role of a Coach.

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