Tim Ward

Organo from My Healthy Drinks

“I would like to thank Sirka for all the work she did in preparing Julie and I for a major exhibition we
were involved in recently.
We booked for a 3-day exhibition in Manchester to help to raise our brand awareness, make some
sales and collect details of people interested in ongoing contact. However, neither Julie nor I had
exhibited before!
We arranged an exhibition coaching session with Sirka and even though we had already completed
some preparation, her coaching really helped us.
Prior to our coaching, she had researched the event, the types of visitors, who would be there, and
what to expect over the three days.
She also gave us tips on what types of clothes/shoes to wear, eating and drinking during the event
and timescales when following up afterwards.
The coaching was extremely valuable and comprehensive. It helped us to make the most of the three
days in preparation, during the event and also the week following, so we didn’t miss any
opportunities for our business.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any company or business who is new to
exhibiting or experienced companies who just want to make their results even better.”