Sirka Moore can add immense value to your leadership team and business through International Relationships Building, personal mentoring, strategic support and training. BDC Moore will catalyse your Business Growth through the power of relationship-based and people-centred business development. Relationships are the true value of businesses.

Why choose BDC Moore?

We are igniting positive change in your business by unlocking the power of relationships in your organisation.

International Business Growth

Which market next? If you are a company in the UK looking to do business in Europe or a company in Europe looking to do business in the UK, you will receive professional and comprehensive growth support from BDC Moore Ltd whatever your requirements.

Management Coaching and Mentoring

Every company has ambitious goals! We can help you achieving these goals by providing you with a tailored business strategy and business plan for your company and markets.

Export & Import Procedures

In order to export and/or import companies need to know about Customs Procedures & Documentation including the INCOTERMS and Preference Rules of Origin, especially in the current climate of Brexit.


Every Employer has got a duty of care to their Employees and business by ensuring that the cultural differences are known and respected, which in some cases and countries could compromise the safety of their employees.

Translation & Interpreting

Don’t let important details get lost in translation! Are you looking for professional technical and commercial translation and/or interpreting services within your business?