Every Employer has got a duty of care to their Employees and business by ensuring that the cultural differences are known and respected, which in some cases and countries could compromise the safety of their employees. 

Don’t lose business through in-action!

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Transforming your business with International Cultural Awareness

Get closer to your international customers by understanding their culture and turn cultural knowledge into business thanks to our bespoke training course Transforming your business with International Cultural Awareness.

Have you ever wondered why international clients and suppliers are behaving the way they do?
Have you considered that the answer may be cultural differences?

This training course is for business owners and their staff dealing with international clients and suppliers.

Why should you attend?

You will be learning about how to:

  • Avoid pitfalls, which may be costly.
  • Build stronger and better relationships with your international clients and suppliers.
  • Increase your profits.

What will you be learning?

  • The meaning and impact of words, colours and symbols.
  • The legal and financial differences and how to stay politically correct.
  • The impact of positive and negative stereotypes and how to use humour wisely.

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How to thrive at Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Taking a stand at a trade show or exhibition costs money but also presents many different opportunities for businesses. It is an excellent way of finding new customers and to help your business grow. 


This training course is for business owners and their staff organising and attending Trade Shows & Exhibitions (regional, national and/or international) to maximise their return on investment (ROI) by avoiding pitfalls.

Did you know that 75% of exhibition leads are never been followed up? Just imagine the value of potential business in there.

Why should you attend?

To learn how to get a maximum ROI by:

  • Setting the right goals.
  • Having a solid plan, preparation and prosecution and understanding the required time frame.
  • Having the right people for the right tasks in place and how to convey the right message.
  • How to transform leads into sales.

This course is packed with practical exercises to do involving a self-assessment of their current processes, creating their own strategy for future trade shows & exhibitions.

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