International Business Growth

Which market next?

If you are a company in the UK looking to do business in Europe or a company in Europe looking to do business in the UK, you will receive professional and comprehensive growth support from BDC Moore Ltd whatever your requirements.

Starting with Market Research to give you a complete overall picture of your target market, progressing to the identification of potential new clients, arranging meetings, which will be attended by an experienced BDC representative as well as yourselves. This will ensure full cultural and language understanding at any meetings, eliminating possible misunderstanding on either side.

You can use us to provide a complete service or you can pick out the parts you would require.

Continuous business development support can be provided on short, medium or long term to suit your requirements.

FACTS: Businesses who export have a 11% higher survival rate because different countries have different economic cycles, i.e. when there is a dip in the UK market the German or French etc. market could be at a high point and this export business could carry you through an otherwise different situation.

Are you looking for a professional and effective business development without the cost or risk of hiring? We can help. Contact us now!

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