I have had very interesting conversations with business people from various industries over the past few weeks. Since the UK voted to leave the EU on 23rd June 2016 the majority of my conversation partners confirmed that businesses are currently holding back, waiting for what the Brexit negotiations will bring with them.
Why would you wait when you know that nothing will be changing in the next 2 years until the final decisions have been made? Build up your business relationships now and make the most of our European business partners.
You may say you prefer to look further afield for new business partners or even tie old bonds with the Commonwealth Countries. Dealing with any of these countries requires Export documentations, Customs declarations and Taxes & Duties. Besides these points think of the shipping costs as well, which will be higher than exporting to our neighbour Europe.
Use the summer holiday period and let us here at BDC complete your Market Study, so you are in the starting blocks for the end of Q3 ready to sprint right ahead of your competition in Q4.
Why letting a very good opportunity go by, when you can make the most of it right now? Just imagine for a moment: we are after Brexit and yes Tax & Duties and some additional export documentations are required to export into the EU. You know there is a requirement for your products in the EU and not necessarily in the other countries you hoped it would be. Would you still not export to the EU?
Markets, Trade and Business are still based on the demand and supply principle and not on Brexit regulations, so yes, you would export to the EU.
What are you waiting for? And don’t forget: “Opportunities don’t happen, you create them!”.
We at BDC are excited to provide you with the right support to get you ready in your new markets and are looking forward to working with you.