A guided tour by BDC Moore

Imagine your company is a bus with all your employees on board. Behind the wheel sits you, the Managing Director, steering the bus in the right direction. After a successful journey through the UK market you want to take the business to the next level and explore overseas markets. Busy dealing with the day-to-day activities and obstacles as they appear on your journey you come to a junction on crossing the UK border.

Which way should you go next?

Your first stop is at Market Study and you make your decision on the right direction after you have a clear picture of your direction. Even better get an external expert, who will take you on a helicopter ride allowing you to see further ahead and, hence making the right strategic decision. Let’s say the bus is heading for Germany.

Suddenly you come across a road diversion. There is nothing to worry about, just follow the signs, which could mean that you need some additional certification specifically for the German market. It will take you a little longer on your journey but nonetheless you are back on track upon completion.

Your next stop is talking to potential new clients. You might find your clear and defined product or service presentation hasn’t got the same impact as back home. This is due to the cultural and language differences, even though your potential clients seem to speak English. Once more the external expert will support you in building those international relationships and translate them into business growth.

Now back on the road covering all corners of the German market you want to make sure the bus is steered in the direction you have set out strategically. The external expert will be joining your bus at regular intervals and takes you back to the helicopter view of your strategic journey. This allows you to avoid any traffic jams or other obstacles once you are back in the driver’s seat. Those stops support you through with Mentoring / Coaching.

Suddenly you hit a wall of fog “Brexit” through which you can’t see the road ahead.
What do you do?
Do you apply the brakes and come to a standstill, waiting until the fog lifts or do you have in place a contingency plan to help you around this problem? It is always the right time to seek support from an external expert.
Once the fog has lifted you might find yourself at the customs post. This will not be an issue for you if you have familiarised yourself with all the relevant Export documentation and requirements.

Still going strongly up and down the country you want to reach out to the next business opportunity in other countries. To do so you stop at International Exhibitions showcasing your products or services. You are already familiar with local and regional exhibitions, whereas international exhibitions are attracting international clients with a wide range of language skills. Make sure that important information does not get lost in translation by utilising the skills and experience of an external expert.

Don’t skip the next stop professional Interpretations and Translations by using online translation tools if nobody on your bus speaks the target language. This will lead to embarrassing misunderstandings which could damage your reputation and credibility. These tools are not designed for business and technical language, whereas an external expert will make sure the correct message is understood by both sides.

In order to keep the engine of your bus running smoothly on your journey you need the right oil. That oil is the external expert, who will keep things moving. Nobody thinks of oil as a cost factor but as a necessary part of the bus, which if maintained at the right level will ease your journey as described above.