Export & Import Procedures

In order to export and/or import companies need to know about Customs Procedures & Documentation including the INCOTERMS and Preference Rules of Origin. Especially with Brexit drawing closer and until an agreement has been reached between the UK and the EU, we highly recommend you familiarise yourself more with the Customs Procedures and documentations, as the preferential trade between the UK and EU will be terminated in the form we know today. Make sure you are using the right INCOTERMS and you know exactly at which point of the shipment of the goods your insurance liability starts and finishes and when the transfer of title takes place. The INCOTERMS have nothing to do with the payment, they are purely related to the shipment. Another important aspect is how you wish to trade your products and/or services overseas: will you be opening a Branch Subsidiary or using an Agent or Distributor. You will need to know which agreements are needed to cover your organisation in foreign marketplaces. Are you new to import and/or export or want to improve your overseas trade? We can help. Contact us now and we promise a fast response with a transparent price and delivery time. Contact Us Now